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Leukonychia - Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Leuconychia Picture

Leukonychia is the white spotting seen in nails, streaking, or discoloration of the fingernails, which is mainly caused due to a result from arsenic poisoning, injury, heart disease, renal failure, pneumonia, ill health or hypoalbuminemia.

Several nail disorders are there which come from hereditary or it may be acquired. Leuconychia is one of them. Leukonychia may be total, partial, striate or punctate. Leukonychia totalis is a very rare case. Hereditary or congenital leukonychia, is present since birth, with positive family history and has autosomal dominant inheritance. Acquired leukonychia totalis appears in early childhood.

Causes of Leuconychia

Some other causes of leukonychia except from those said above may be:

  • Leprosy.
  • Exposure to extreme cold.
  • Hepatic Cirrhosis.
  • Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Onychophagia.
  • Psychogenic Stresses.
  • Anemia.
  • Hypoproteinemia.
  • Occupational trauma.
  • A crush injury to base of the nail or the nail bed may produce a permanent deformity.
  • Vitamin deficiency can cause a loss of luster or brittle nails.

Some Impotant points (FAQ'S) about Leukonychia

Q: Is it a sign of lack of calcium or some other vitamin from my diet?

A: No, it is'nt a sign of lack of calcium or any other vitamin from your diet. It mainly occurs due to any injury or ill health.

Q: Is Leukonychia harmful?

A: No, it is completely harmless.

Q: Where is it more common? In fingernails or toenails?

A: It is much more common in fingernails than in toenails.

Treatment and Prevention of Leukonychia

There is no treatment for leuconychia as such. The white marks will dissapear on their own, when the nails will grow outwards. Reducing minor injury to the nails may prevent the white marks.

Leuconychia changes the color of your nails. If you have to go in some party, then for temporary purposes you may use nail polish on your nails to hide these white marks. But dont use nail polish on your nails frequently as this will worsen the condition by causing allergic reaction in the surrounding skin and which may damage the nails.

Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and should be consumed in daily routine so that there is no deficiency of zinc in your body - which are associated with the appearance of white spots.



Leuconychia Infomation