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Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are trendy, practical, easy to maintain, but may not suit everyone. They give a picture of a soft woman, but one who knows what she wants from life. When considering a haircut, always consider the thickness of hair, the shape of the face and time required for maintenance before changing hairstyles. Other factors include the color of skin, eye color, the body shape and the overall personality of the individual. Today, hairstylists use state of the art software that can help the individual see how she looks with a particular short hairstyle. If it suits the face, she should go ahead with it.

There are several advantages of short hairstyles.

  • It takes very little time to wash, dry, and set. This is handy when getting out early in the morning for work or heading to a party straight from work.

  • Short hairstyles look chic and elegant and the person stands out in the bevy of long -haired people. In short, it is a good way to make a style statement.

  • There is a lot one can do in terms of styling short hairstyles. It is possible to use gel, for a sleek look or to get fashionable streaks suiting one's hair color.

  • Short hairstyles are most suitable for those with good facial features. They can accentuate their looks with the right accessories like earrings or a fashionable neckpiece.

  • Short hairstyles are best suited for summer and create no problems when playing games.

  • More adventurous people can get tattoos on the nape of the neck to highlight their short hairstyles.

Some disadvantages of short hairstyles include

  • Regular trimming, implying frequent visits to the salon and added expenditure.

  • Those not blessed with good facial features might not like the attention to their face.

  • Short hairstyles make the person look taller. This may work as a disadvantage for those who are very tall.

There is a variety of short hairstyles that one can go for, from a simple bob to bangs. However, remember that it is not possible to change short hairstyles instantly. Hair takes sometime to grow back and it may not grow back to the original length at all. For conservative face timers, a short hairstyle with layers and a fringe is good. This short hairstyle limits hair to a medium length and suits most facial shapes and occasions. The evergreen boy cut is another popular short hairstyle. This haircut draws attention to the eyes and lips and most suitable for those who like really short hair. Another popular short hairstyle is the out-of-bed, tousled look. Addition of bangs adds some spice to this short hairstyle and this is the perfect low-maintenance haircut for those not too bothered with their appearance.

People with short hairstyles can curl their hair or use gel for that swept back look, depending on the occasion. Those with curls can straighten their hair for a change. Use good quality products that will not damage the delicate hair. Enjoy freedom with short hairstyles.