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Celebrities Hairstyle

Love them or hate them, celebrities greatly influence the way we want to look. They are an inspiration to millions of young girls and women, who want to ape their fabulous hairstyles. Celebrities seem to have the perfect hairstyles and seem to change them frequently, to maintain freshness in their looks. Celebrities are trendsetters and sometimes may become fashion victims too. Today several hairstylists have three dimensional makeover software that can help an individual visualize the Beyonce look or the Posh Spice look before going for that haircut.

Before copying a celebrity hairstyle, individuals must keep a few things in mind. A celebrity can carry off even a fashion disaster that an ordinary person cannot. Hence, consider the shape of the face and features before aping a celebrity hairstyle. Select a hairstyle that highlights facial assets and hides flaws. Choose a hairstyle depending on the type of hair. Different hairstyles suit an individual with long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair. Consult a good hairstylist with the wish list of celebrity hairstyles and she will suggest the best hairstyle, most suited to the individual's face and hair type.

Here are some popular celebrity hairstyles currently in fashion -

  • A person can sport an unkempt flip with long jagged edges, cut by the stylist's razor, like Alanis Morissette. The stylist should cut the fringe longer on the sides and slanting towards the cheeks.

  • Those with long hair can go for spiral curls that are loose and separated individually like Angela Bassett. This hairstyle gives volume to the hair.

  • Another option is long, wavy curls that fall on the shoulders like Halle Berry .

  • Those with short hair can ape the double toned look of Glen Close. For this choose proper shades of hair color with the help of the hairstylist. Add layers, spikes, or bangs depending on the shape of the face.

  • A timeless favorite is straight long hair with a side parting like Jada Pinkett Smith.

  • Brunettes with long hair can go for a coffee color without changing the hair length, like Catherine Zeta Jones, for maximum versatility.

  • Another hairstyle making a comeback is the retro look of the 1920s.Scarlett Johansson sports this look with a head full of curls and a three quarters parting.

  • The evergreen bob is always in fashion and sported famously by Ashley Judd. The stylist can give it an edgy look with her razor or create spikes. For greater impact, she may color the spikes different from the base color of the hair.

  • Several celebrities are using stylish and studded accessories to pin their hair. Favorite accessories include butterfly clips, jeweled combs, and barrettes studded with semi-precious stones.

  • African -Americans can add a dash of blonde highlights to their hair like the singer Eve. They can go for highlights in different shades to spice up their dark hair.

Thus, you can choose from a variety of celebrity hairstyles. Moreover, the Internet offers various resources to try celebrity hairstyles at home without visiting expensive salons.