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Acne Scars Treatment - Removal of acne scars - How to get rid of acne scars?

Acne scars are bane for anyone aspiring to be beautiful. There are many types of scars, some of which can be removed easily, while others are not easily removed and may require cosmetic surgery.

Acne scars often cause mental anguish because they tend to be permanent. Acne scars are of 3 types - the small superficial pits, which are barely visible, the larger pits which follow inflammed acne and, on rare occasions, the third type of scars may appear - the hypertrophic variety.

Several techniques have been employed to get rid of these acne scars - the most well-known of these is dermabrasion or sand paper surgery. This is nothing, but removal of the superficial layers of the skin using a rapidly rotating brush. This operation should not be done if active acne is present as it may lead to severe irritation.

What is the difference between a glycolic acid peel and a chemical peel? Will these peels work to remove the acne scars?

Exfoliating the top layers of the skin with the help of certain acids is called skin peeling. These can be either chemical or fruit peels. Chemical peels contain certain acids such as trichloroacetic acid and fruit peels contain alphahydroxy acids such as glycolic acid (or sugarcane extract). The peeling action depends on the strength of the acids aswell as the sensitivity of the skin upon which they act. They help in removing acne scars, fine lines and lightening blemishes.

I have an ugly acne scar on my cheek. Although I have tried various products to erase it, none has worked. Will skin peeling help me?

It all depends on the acne scar. It is a deep one or a superficial one? Is it recent or an old one? There are various treatments for acne scars like dermabrasion or laser resurfacing or acne pits. A dermotologist or a plastic surgeon should do these treatments. You should consult a skin specialist before you attempt anything.

Effective Acne Scars Treatment


Dermabrasion has been found useful for treating broad based pitted scars; there is a 50­70% improvement in these scars. A completely planned surgery gives better results than a number of inadequately planned surgeries.

The entire face can normally be planned in 15-20 minutes. Slight oozing occurs in the first few hours; the skin then normally heals within a fortnight, after which routine work can be resumed.

For the first few months after surgery, the skin looks pink and there is an increased sensitivity to the sun. Other complications are usually infrequent, though there might be a slight darkening of the skin.

The second method of reducing acne scars is using freezing agents like liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and nitrous oxide. Applications of these agents is followed by redness, scaling and sometimes by blisters. The agent is reapplied after a couple of weeks, till the desired results are obtained. There are several advantages with this method of acne scar reduction: it is less painful, cheaper and less complicated than dermabrasion; moreover, these agents can be applied even in the presence of active lesions and the results are comparable with those obtained by planning.

Another method of removing acne scars is using chemicals like trichloroacetic acid and phenol to remove the superficial layers of the skin. If not done carefully, this technique can cause superficial burns. But in experienced hands, this technique has given excellent re­sults.

To deal with severelly depressed scars, injections of bovine collagen are given at the site of the scars. It is yet too early to comment on the value of this rather expensive method of treating acne scars.

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