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Sun Burns - Types of SunBurns - Causes and Tips for Controlling Sun Burns

Sun burn is a visible radiation damage to the skin. Sun rays are responsible for causing wrinkle, rough and blochy skin. Dryness and darkening of the skin, is mainly due to the harmful ultraviolet radiations that sun emits. Sun burn can lead to other diseases like heart stoke and vision problems.

Types of Sun burns:-

There are three types of sun burns i.e.:-

  • Superficial Burns:- It is a first degree burn that involves the only top layer of the skin. The skin gets dry and red very easily because of the direct attack on this area.
  • Partial thickness burns:- It is a second degree type of burn that involves the top layers of the skin. The skin gets red with blisters. This type of burn usually heals in 3-4 weeks, and scarring may occur.
  • Full thickness burns:- It is a third degree type of burn, which destroys the all layers of the skin. This burn is a cretical type and required immediate medical attention.

Causes of sun burns:

The possible causes of sun burns are as:-

  • The main cause of the sun burns are the harmful ultra violet rays. Our skin is exposed to two kinds of UV rays: UVA and UVB. UVA rays are intense rays that can penetrate deep into the skin. UVB rays are not only responsible for causing sunburns, but they are also intensify the effects of UVA rays.
  • A light skineed and fair-haired people are at greater risk of sunburn injury.

Tips for controlling sun burns:-

The main tips for it are as:-

  • Sun burns can be controlled by using aloe, which contains anti-oxidant vitamins A and C; the minerals copper, selenium, and magnesium; and zinc, a powerful virus fighter.
  • The essential oil of lavender is very effective and cab be applied to the without diluting it a carrier oil.
  • A diet cantaining sweet potatoes, makes the less chances to get affected by sun burns.
  • Sun burns can be managed by taking immediate bath in cold water. This helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of skin.
  • Sun burns can be treated by taking by taking anti-inflammatory such as- Advil and Asprin. They help in reducing redness and pain.



Sun Burns