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Skin Bleaching Pills and Cream

Skin Bleaching is one way of making existing hair less conspicuous - it is good for down, rather than for thick coarse hairs. Skin bleaching is the most commonly used method for hiding facial hair.

The only problem with skin bleaching cream is it causes irritation. This happens either when too much ammonia has been added to the system or when the bleach is kept on for long periods. The reaction usually subsides after a few hours. When the reaction is severe, a doctor's help should be sought.

A skin bleaching pill could also be used for skin bleaching.

Strong winter winds and scorching summer heat are enemies of complexion. Beauty conscious women feel concerned over the ravages of weather and seek timely help of beauticians. Skin Bleaching is useful in regaining the original complexion and helps in revitalizing the paleness of skin due to heat of dryness. Skin Bleaching also prevents growth of facial hair. Generally, threading or waxing is advised as a remedial measure for removal of unwanted facial hair. Waxing produces wrinkles and threading hardens the roots of hair. Skin Bleaching, on the other hand, colours the thin and fine hair and keeps the complexion fair by hiding these tiny hair.

Often, I get clients with problems created by defective skin bleaching at home. In an attempt to bleach their face themselves, they have disfigured themselves. Skin Bleaching requires an efficient knowledge of the ratio and proportion of the powder and other ingredients used in a skin bleaching cream or pill. Separate mixture is required for different persons. Disproportionate mixture of ingredients in skin bleaching cream can harm skin and may cause allergy to skin bleaching or may scorch the skin making it stained. It is, therefore, better to get a first skin bleaching once done by an expert beautician. Later on, after learning the technique, one may do it herself or himself. But, it is better to use test a little mixture on sensitive skin on lower side of the neck to test its effect. If there is mirror irritation, you should not worry. But if the burning is sharp, discontinue the use of that skin bleaching pill.

Deep cleansing must be done before bleaching the skin. Clean your face and neck by a wet cotton swab to remove all makeup. Eye makeup should be removed by soaking cotton wool swab in rose water. Now, apply skin bleaching cream (or paste or pill) on your face and neck with a brush or cotton wool swab. If there is mild burning sensation, go ahead without worrying about it, but if the pain is hard remove the skin bleaching cream (or paste) immediately. A test of five minutes duration is enough. Bleach neck also along with your face, otherwise there will be a marked difference in the colour of your face and neck. Avoid eyes and eyelashes. Cover eyes with cotton balls soaked in rose water to prevent the paste from flowing in. Do not bleach if you have pimples or acne. Allow the pack to remain on your face for ten minutes, then wash off. Dry the skin and apply cold cream on the face and neck massaging lightly. Use of a good astringent lotion can relieve minor burning sensation. Sometimes small red rashes may appear after the paste is washed off. However, this is not serious. So do not panic. These rashes will disappear of their own after a while.

Homemade Skin Bleaching Cream

A simple bleaching system consists of hydrogen peroxide containing ammonia to give a pH of 9 to 10.

Homemade Skin Bleaching Cream Recipe # 1 - Take one spoonful of bleaching powder, put it in a bottle and add a half spoon of hydrogen peroxide. Put two or four drops of ammonia in it, mix well using cotton swab or a brush. Close the lid immediately.

Homemade Skin Bleaching Cream Recipe # 2 - Take 2 teaspoons of fuller's earth mixed to a paste with one teaspoon of 20 volumes peroxide and six drops of ammonia. Apply the paste and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

Fancy packages of cream bleaches are now available, making bleaching very simple.



Skin Bleaching Pill, Cream