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Shaving Preparations - Different Kinds of Shaving Preparations

A shaving preparation performs the important function of wetting and softening the beard hair to make shaving easier. A shaving preparation should soften the hair quickly and hold them erect so that they can be cut easily.

Different kinds of shaving preparations:-

There are many different types of Shaving preparations Oils, Creams, Foams, Gels, Soaps etc.

Shaving Creams and Gels:

The shaving creams and gels makes the skin facilitate in the removal of hair. They softens and moistens the skin and the hair, thus making shaving more comfortable and contributing to smoother skin. The shaving creams and gels are best in use in place of soap, oil and water.

Shaving against the grain causes damage at the root of the hair, and your stubble will grow back tougher. Most shaving creams include a mixture of ingredients known as moisturizers and protectants. These ingredients work by attracting and keeping moisture in your skin, which makes for a softer, smoother shave.


Soap gives a dense and long-lasting lather. Apply the foam to your face in a circular motion, beginning in the chin area. The main disadvantage of using soap is that firstly we have to make a lot of lather out of it in a mug and then applied with a brush. So, its a very lengthy procedure.

Shaving Oil:

Apply a few drops of shaving oil and massage it into your beard area. You have to take a preventive measure before applying shaving oil to the skin is that the beard area must be wet and warm. Shaving oils are good for use because because in this you have the possibility to see where you are shaving.

Some tips for shaving preparation:-

The possible tips for the shaving preparation are as:-

  • Don't remove the Saxon from your face. Keep Saxon working all through your shaving procedure.
  • Don't use fancy shaving cream stuff. Lather up the shaving brush with the Dove over the Saxon.
  • Is you have oily skin, use either a lather shaving cream or an aerosol foam.
  • It is also helpful to wash the face after shaving thoroughly.
  • Try to avoid the alcohol based aftershave preparations and use a moisturizer based shaving preparation.
  • The shaving blade must be clean, sharp and sterilize to prevent the growth of bacterial and yeast infection.
  • Aloe, an ingredient often found in shaving creams for sensitive skin, is a moisturizer. Stearic acid, another ingredient common in shaving creams, is a softening protectant.
  • Apply an aftershave to soothe sensitive areas. You may also want to use a facial moisturizer between shaves.



Shaving Preparations - Different Kinds of Shaving Preparations