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Free Facial Exercises, Facial Toning Exercises for Toning your Face

Facial toning exercises are useful for toning your face and giving a healthy look to your face. Face is the index of mind, goes a wise old saying. More so, face is the most attractive part of your personality. Therefore, you should keep your face healthy, soft and young to keep your personality intact. Facial exercises should be daily practiced by, standing in front of a mirror in the privacy of your room or bathroom. Some effective facial exercises are given below:

Facial Toning Exercise 1: Open your mouth wide as if you are ready to scream, spread wide your eyes, stare ahead; and then revert to original position. Do it five times. Then repeat it five times while moving your head to left and to right.

Facial Toning Exercise 2: Press your forehead (near the hairline) with your fingers and rub it with backward motion. Lines on the forehead, if any, will disappear by smooth rubbing.

Facial Toning Exercise 3: Open your mouth wide and slide back your head. Now, open and close your mouth while moving your jaw as if munching. This action of opening and closing your mouth gives a good exercise to your mouth and jaw. Do it ten times.

Facial Toning Exercise 4: Sit in front of your mirror. Twist your lips inward. Puff your mouth with air inside it. Now, let there be a laugh on one half of your face once, and on the other half next. Do it ten times in all. It will smooth your cheeks.

Facial Toning Exercise 5: Keep your face straight in front of a mirror. Press your teeth and spread your lips. Count ten and revert to normal pose. Do it ten times.

Facial Toning Exercise 6: Twist lips, puff up cheeks with air in them, keep three fingers on each side and press slowly, without letting the air blow out. Remain in this pose for ten minutes. This is an effective exercise for cheeks and mouth.

Safety Measures Against Wrinkles

  • Protein-rich diet.
  • Regular upward face-massage.
  • Avoid going in bright sun and intake of hot things.
  • Irritation, annoyance and anger cause quick wrinkles. Be calm and serene, and let your face be peaceful.
  • Dry skin is prone to wrinkles. Regular use of moisturizer is advisable.

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Free Facial Exercises for your Face