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Cellulite - Causes and Treatment Tips for Controlling Cellulite

Cellulite is the lumpy substance, mainly caused by the protrusion of subcutaneous fat into the dermis creating an undulating dermal-subcutaneous fat junction adipose tissue. These are mainly found over hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite is actually a fancy name for collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person's skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple or pucker like the surface of an orange peel. Cellulite is more common in womens.

It is a condition of bulging fat cells, which cause uneven dimpling or "orange peel" skin. Cellulite is not related to obesity.

Causes of cellulite:

The possible causes of cellulite are as:-

  • A family history of cellulite increases the chances to get affected by it.
  • Cellulitie is mainly influenced by the excess amount of fat on your body.
  • Cellulitie may be caused by the insufficient water intake.
  • Poor eating habit like alcohol, caffeine may contribute to cellulitie.
  • Smoking weakens the skin by causing constriction of capillaries. It further damages the connective tissue that causes the cellulite.
  • tension and stress are also responsible for cellulite because they block the tissue and thus preventing proper waste elimination and purification.
  • A sedentary lifestyle, may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Tips for controlling cellulite:

The effective tips for controlling cellulite may includes:-

  • The main tip to get rid of cellulite is exercise. Exercise, keeps your body balance normal.
  • Cellulite can be avoided by using topical managements, that includes:- gels, ointments, foams, creams and lotions.
  • Some topical ingredients, such as vitamin C, may help by stabilizing collagen.
  • Anti-cellulite creams are very effective in the eradication of cellulite.