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Beauty Tips

Beauty personifies excellence. Perfect beauty is an elusive utopian concept. However a thing of beauty is joy forever. If one can enhance one's looks by making small improvements in lifestyle and beauty care regime then a new beautiful person emerges from the sidewalks. Being beautiful gives personal satisfaction, is a moral booster and adds joy in life. Mortal human beings have been fascinated with the concept of beauty as can be seen through the efforts made by prominent figures like Cleopatra in ancient age to modern day beauty icons like Jennifer Lopez to have a stunning persona. Beauty lies deep in healthy hair, skin and overall appearance of body.

Healthy and well taken care of skin is something that is first noticed in a beautiful and groomed person. For healthy looking skin, it is important to have healthy diet as what you eat gets reflected on your skin. Another cardinal factor for maintaining supple skin is regular intake of water as it flushes out toxins from body. Personal hygiene is also very important for a soft skin. The face should be wiped of oil, dirt and excessive traces of cosmetics before sleeping with the help of natural or mild cleansers. Deficiency of important minerals and vitamins is reflected on skin in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, brown pigmentation and linear spots. For a healthy skin the intake of vitamin A and B and minerals like iron and iodine must be regularized.

The common problems associated with skin are acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and dark circles around eyes. Acne is result of hormonal imbalances and excessive oil production in skin. It can be regulated by a healthy diet and regular skin care regime that comprises of cleansing, moisturizing and toning. In severe cases, topical applications and oral prescriptions must be taken under the consultation of a dermatologist.

Pollution, excess exposure to sun and stress often results in wrinkles at a young age. These can be controlled by regular facial massages, which tightens facial skin and increases blood circulation. In the market there are easily available thermal and skin tightening masks, which can be applied once in fifteen days to have the desired effect. Care should be taken while buying skin care products. Those with harsh chemicals must be avoided and those with natural ingredients must be preferred.

Excess exposure to sun and pollution causes pigmentation of skin which on becoming permanent can be removed only under the expert advice of a dermatologist. For overall care of skin, face packs made from natural ingredients available must also be tried depending upon the skin time. Curd mixed with lemon juice is good face pack for normal to oily skin. Curd mixed with lemon juice and honey nourishes dry skin. In market, there are easily available mudpacks. They help in reducing the effect of sunburns and tanning and must be used once in a week.

Dark circles around eyes are other common skin problems. Their onset starts in early thirties and they are caused by fatigue, loss of sleep, prolonged illness, anemia, migraine, hereditary factors, dietary deficiency, stress or kidney disease. These days the onset of dark circles starts early in mid twenties due to hereditary factors, modern chaotic lifestyle and excess exposure to sun. Since the skin around eyes is very thin and delicate, it becomes very noticeable.