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Useful Make Tips

Makeup is to facial skin what colors are to canvas. If applied correctly it not only enhances the looks but also brings out a near perfect persona from the simplest of faces. Makeup hides blemishes and imperfections. Yet at the same time it is important to note makeup is not the alternative to good skin. Good skin should be the primary goal. And to maintain it applying makeup in right contours should be the secondary goal.

A clean, well moisturized skin is the prelude to makeup. Make up starts from application of foundation. Right foundation makes the skin look natural and flawless. Wrong foundation gives the appearance of superficial artificiality. Most women across the globe have yellow based skin. It includes Asian, Latin and African women. So to have that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base. Most of the foundations available in market have pink or orange tints. Sacha cosmetics, that was official makeup for Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants, is the first cosmetic company to manufacture yellow tint foundation and it is a good product to start with. To get the correct foundation tone, it must be first tested on jaw line or forehead.

It is imperative to moisten a gauze pad or wash cloth in astringent and gently pat it on already made up face so as to get a dewy finish. The astringent removes the matte look. Excess foundation must be wiped clean with a tissue. Foundation can be set immediately by applying translucent powder. Try to avoid cream foundation in summers as they have high content of oil and may slip in extreme heat. Sometimes tinted moisturizers can be used in place of foundation. Many people are not clear when is the time to replace your existing foundation with a new one. The answer is when your foundation begins to curdle then it must be replaced with a new one. Loose power is ideal for setting make up and compact powder for touching up during day and night. Face powder must be matched with the skin tone. It must be evenly applied on sidelines, jaws and sides of nose to get the perfect finish. Excess powder must be dabbed with help of a tissue paper. For best results try the face power by Maybelline and L'Oreal. A face powder with SPF 15 is the best bet to ensure all day protection from sunlight during day.

Right concealer can hide all types of blemishes like under eye circles and acne. Liquid concealer is ideal for dry skin and larger areas like under eye circles while solid concealer can hide small spots. While buying a concealer, choose the one that matches your skin tone or is a shade lighter. It must be applied over foundation and as sparingly as possible. While concealing dark circles, yellow eye shadow can be mixed. This will color correct the dark circle and give a natural skin tone. A little concealer must be applied under the eyes to avoid dark looking eyes.

Blush is used to give the appearance of a flush and healthy looking skin. The color of the blush can be matched with the natural color of lips. Cream based blushers are in vogue for oily to combination skin while creams based are ideal for dry skin. While applying blush, a full size brush, like MAC's blush brush No.116 can be used. While applying blush always smile as this helps you in figuring the apple of the cheeks. Blush should be applied only on apple of cheeks. Excess blush can be wiped off with translucent powder. Best brands in blushes are Max Factor, Nars and Revlon.

Eyes are the main attraction points and eye make up can make the difference between naturally done or artificially done face. In eye makeup, less is more. If you are in hurry, then apply base color that matches your skin tone and top it with mascara. Apply eyeliner as close as possible. For a dramatic look thicker and darker is the bets bet. For eyebrow use a color that matches with the color of brow. Avoid the drama, just color the brow instead and fill in the gaps after combing the brow. If your brow are too then bleaching them up could open up the face. The best brands for eye make up are Urban Decay, LORAC and Sue Devitt.

Lip colors are used to enhance the lips and give the appearance of fuller lips. If you are lucky to have fuller lips than light and frothy colors will work the best. Before application of lip color, lips must be moistened. It is important to that lipstick can act as a blusher but blusher cannot act as a lipstick .To avoid lipstick on your teeths always put index finger in your mouth after application. This will wipe excess lipstick. To get the appearance of plump lips just apply lip linear outside your lips. Many a times lip liner can be applied after the use of lipstick. When wearing a red lipstick use a brown pigment to line and fill lips first as this will make the lipstick last longer. Apply lip gloss over lipstick or alone. Women with fuller lips need not use lip gloss. The best lip color brands are by Revlon, Body Shop, Cover Girl and L'Oreal.

Real beauty is skin deep and this must be always remembered. Make up is no magic band that can transform plain looking Jane into Cinderella. It is only a tool to enhance the natural looks. Healthy looking skin is transformed by makeup but make up is not a substitute for healthy skin. Similarly it must also be noted that makeup products are composed of chemicals. Too much exposure to make up is also not good for the health of skin. Before sleeping, all traces of makeup must be wiped clean to allow skin to breathe naturally. So be ready to say hello to beautiful you.