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Best Mascara, Eye Makeup, eye Mascara, Liners, Curlers and Application Tips to Highlight your Eyes

Mascara coats the lashes, making them thick, long, lustrous and more noticeable. You can choose from 3 different forms of mascara - water-based, water-proof and the mixed variety.

Water-based mascaras can be applied quickly because they dry rapidly. They can also be removed easily, so they are gentle to the lashes and the eyes. But there are several problems with their use: because the water evaporates quickly, the lashes tend to clump together; as the film is not water-proof, the mascara smudges easily when it comes in contact with water, tears, and perspiration; because of the high water content, these products are difficult to preserve and have a short keeping life.

Because of these disadvantages of water­based mascaras, the water-proof variety has become popular. Water-proof mascaras are generally long wearing, water-proof and smudge-proof; but they are difficult to remove and you may have to use a cosmetic cleaner to remove them. Because they take long to dry they have a tendency to smear unless you are careful. Though they colour and appear, to lengthen the lashes well, they do not thicken them much. They are however a good investment, because they are resistant to contamination and can be used even years after they have been manufactured.

The third variety of mascara is a combination of the earlier two types. These dry quickly, produce little or no smudging and are the latest in the field of mascaras.

Purpose of Mascara

Mascara only used to be available in black, but nowadays you can find it in all sorts of colours. So while black mascara was used for the sole purpose of making your eyelashes stand out without calling attention to the fact that you have mascara on, coloured mascara is now used to make a bold statement. If you choose coloured mascara, it is recommended that you stick to darker colours like navy blue or plum, as opposed to light blue or green. The latter is just too bizarre and unnatural for our tastes. Mascara comes in a wand with a tube, there are straight wands and there are curved wands. The shape of the wand is a matter of preference so you have the permission to experiment with both.

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Here are Some of the Best Mascaras Available for your Beautiful Eyes