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Colored Contact Lens

Colored contacts   Colored contacts come in many types. Some make your green eyes go even greener, some change your eye color completely, some can give you a haunting and creepy look for Halloween and some lenses may even improve your golf handicap. And all of them can help you see better.

Colored contacts have been around basically as long as the ordinary contacts, but they didn't really become popular until the 90's, when they caught on as an inexpensive and quick way to change appearance. Today, there are so many kinds of colored contacts on the market, it can be difficult to sort out which ones really meet your needs and suit you best.

As with the standard lenses, colored lenses can be rigid or soft, 12-hour throw-away or to be worn several weeks. Most colored lenses can be ordered either with visual correction, or just clear, with 0.00 power (called " plano "). If you wear lenses today, you probably already have a prescription from your eye care professional. This can be used to order your new lenses, so you get the correct vision correction. If you already have perfect sight, you should consider getting an eye exam anyway, to avoid any risks of irritating or damaging your eyes.

There are some things to think of when buying colored lenses: Even if you only wear your contacts temporarily, for cosmetic reasons, it's still very important to take good care of them, as with "ordinary" contacts. Also remember never share your lenses with others, or borrow lenses. Eye infections and other conditions spread easily.

You should also beware of the cheap alternative, the "party lenses", often sold at flea markets and gas stations. These can be directly harmful to your eye and seriously damage your vision. As your eyes are so sensitive, lenses are to be considered a medical device, and should only be bought from authorized sellers. Through the website , you can find many retailers where you can safely buy your lenses.

But what lenses should you get? Well, it depends on what you're trying to achieve. If you're just want to make your eye color more intense, look for lenses with an " enhancement tint ". These are fairly light and simply add to your natural color, but don't change your look completely.

Tired of your old eye color? Want to create a more dramatic effect, to make your friends look twice? Choose the " color tint ". These contacts are darker, and come in a large range of both natural and more "fun" colors, such as hazel, green, violet and amethyst.

" Special-effect lenses " are the ones that give you cat's eyes or make you look like you haven't slept for a year. Some of the more famous brands are Wild Lenses and Crazy Lenses .   Finally there are the "Light -filtering tints ", for practical uses, that may enhance certain colors and shades, to make the tennis ball stand out better on the court, or improve your view of the golfing green!