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Home :: Make Up :: Blusher Equipment Kit

Blusher Equipment Kit

The final step in creating the base of your look is blusher. Most women avoid it, but used correctly it can be the best beauty tool you own. Here's what's out there.

Powder Blusher

The densest type, it's best applied after translucent powder as powder adheres best to powder. It's also the only one to use if you want to sculpt your face with the blusher.

Cream Blusher

Best applied with fingers, this offers dense colour but still lets your skin shine through. Apply it over foundation and before powder.

Gel Blusher

If you want just a sheer glow.then this is the type of blusher you should you should go for.apply it with your finger either on bare skin or over foundation.

Tint Blusher

Very sheer and long lasting. But it dries fast and can look streaky over foundation.if you're going to use it. Blend it fast and blend it well.


Once called highlighters, these were used as part of complicated face sculpting regimes. Now they just give a light gleam to the top of your cheekbones. They're great for evening but normally unnecessary during the day.

Blusher Brush

A round blusher brush is vital for natural effects. Avoid the flat sort that come in compacts - they create stripes.