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Blush, Blusher, Blush Makeup, Blush Powders and Tips on How to Apply Blush

You should apply blush after all of your other makeup because it is the final touch and should match the rest of your facial makeup, not vice versa. Blush is a highlighting colour, that is applied on the high edge of the cheek bones and blended to create a natural-looking blush on the cheeks.

Choosing the Blush Colour

Choose a blush colour that resembles the colour on your cheeks after you've exercised. Anything darker than that will look fake. Blush is the one thing you should not have to blend, because if you do, it means it's too bright for your skin. Blushers also come in two colour harmonies: the gold harmony with coral, orange and reddish brown tones and the bluish harmony with rose-beige colours.

Color Choosing Tips

For Fair skin - grayish yellow(beige), golden-brown(tawny) and pink tones.
For Olive/Yellow-Toned Skin- warm brown, almond and copper shades.
For Dark-skin- plum, auburn and deep bronze shades.
For Tanned skin - orange, apricot, peach and coral shades.

Different Forms of Blusher

Blusher comes in powder and gel/cream forms. look.The predominant form today is the powder blusher because it's easy to brush on and it doesn't get streaky - this is the successor to the original rouge. Powder is easiest for beginners to use. Gel or cream makes good daywear because it gives off a fresh and dewy Cream blushers are somewhat newer than powder blushers.

Powder blush generally comes in small compact cases with little brushes. It is recommended that you invest in a large and poofy brush with bristles at least an inch long. The effect is a more natural look.

Remember that here too you must select both the right form and the right colour.

Go here to know the step by step technique to How to apply Blush and some tips for applying blush.

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