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How to apply Makeup Foundation? - Foundation Applying Tips

What is a Makeup Foundation?

Foundation is applied before makeup. Foundations are designed to give a soft, even, natural glow to the face. The best coverage comes with the use of the right colour and product type and not from the amount of foundation you apply. Get your foundation base right - in form, in colour, and in application - and you have truly laid a foundation to a dazzling look - a smooth and perfectly toned canvas on which you can create a really beautiful picture.

Foundation goes on all over your face to make it looks uniform and smooth. It comes in three types: liquid, cream and powder. Make sure that your foundation is oil­based for dry skin, oil-free for oily skin and water-based for combination skin.

How to Apply Makeup Foundation?

Step 1 - First clean your face with face cleansers.

Step 2 - Dip a cotton swab into the bottle once and hold it over the bottle top to let the excess drain off.

Step 3 - Using the tips of two fingers or a small clean dampened sponge (from which excess water has been removed), dot foundation over the face, on the nose, the cheeks, the chin and the temples and in between the brows.

Step 4 - Dab a small amount of foundation on your eyelids.

Step 5 - Then use the coated cotton swab like a crayon to draw a thin line across your forehead, down the centre of your nose, across each cheek in a zigzag pattern and across your chin.

Step 6 - With a sponge in hand, smooth each line towards your hairline to gently blend the foundation into your skin. Make sure you get some on your jaw line and neck, so it won't appear as if you have a mask on.

Step 7 - With cream or powder foundation, use the puff or sponge that comes with it and gently smooth the makeup over your skin (including your jaw line and neck) in even strokes towards your hairline.

Step 8 - Finally blot the face with a clean dry tissue, pressing it lightly over the skin.

Foundation Applying Tips

Foundation Applying Tip 1: For liquid foundation, you will need disposable cosmetic sponges and cotton swabs.

Foundation Applying Tip 2 : Always work from the face outwards, to avoid an accumulation of the foundation around the hairline - move from the cheeks to the ears, from the temples up and out to the hairline, from between the brows down over the nose, from the chin outwards the jaw, then onto the neck.

Foundation Applying Tip 3 : Work quickly, carefully and lightly. Blend well around the hairline, on the neck, below the eyes and behind the ears. Also take the foundation over the eyelids.

Foundation Applying Tip 4 : Don't apply more than two layers of foundation at once (or don't blame us if you 'melt' as the day goes on.

Choosing Colour of your Foundation

The shape of your face can be changed to some extent by the use of foundation. If you have a round face, use a dark shade foundation; for square and diamond shaped face, use a darker shade over the jaw and the chin. If the skin below your eyes has a subdued colour, you can heighten it by using darker shade on the spot. Similarly,
shadows and black spots below the eyes can be hidden under a coating of light shade foundation. A broad nose can be made to look thinner if a darker shade is applied on each side of the nose.

If you have double-chin then by applying dark shade foundation on its underneath part it can be made to look balanced. You can make your chin prominent by the use of light shade foundation. If your cheek bones are raised, apply dark shade foundation below them.

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How to apply Makeup Foundation? - Tips on Applying Foundation