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How to Apply Blush?

The last step after the complete makeup is the use of the blusher or the rouge. These cosmetics do several things to your face. They add shape, and deftnition to your face, giving your complexion a wonderful, warm and youthful glow. Blushers are available as powders, creams and sticks. Powder blusher are brushed on the face after powdering the face, while the cream and the stick varieties are applied after the foundation, but before applying the powder.

Step by Step Application of Blush

Step 1 - Use the colour on the blush area. This is the part of the face between parallel lines, one extending outward from the corner of your eye and the second from the
bottom of your nose. A touch of colour across the forehead and on the chin completes the look.

Step 2 - The cream blush is applied to the cheeks with the fingertips in small amounts and spread in the desired fashion. The powder blusher is applied with a brush.

With blush application, you have two options: daywear and nightwear. Daywear looks more natural and you would apply the blush directly on the 'apples' of your cheeks (that's the balled up part of your cheeks when you give a big, cheesy smile). Nightwear is more dramatic and it requires sweeping the blush along the bottom of your apples, towards your temples.

Tips for applying Blush

Blush Applying Tip 1 : Never forget the purpose of applying blush. Many women mess up on blush application because they think that redder is better - not so. Redder actually means faker and the point of putting on blush is to look as if you are blushing, not like you're wearing blush. So always aim for a healthy, vibrant glow, not clown cheeks. If you have a hard time telling the two apart, consult a friend before making a public appearance.

Blush Applying Tip 2 : With both powder and gel/cream blush, one thin layer is usually enough. At night, you can apply a second (very thin) layer for a more dramatic look. No more than that!

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How to Apply Blush? - Blusher Applying Tips