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Homemade Face Cleansing Creams, Milks, Lotions, Scrubs and Soaps

What are Face Cleansing Creams?

There are several alternatives to soap and water cleansing - creams, milks, lotions, foams, oils, gels, scrubs, soaps and liquids. All these are rather closely related ­ much more than you can imagine. All are basically a mixture of an oil, wax and water but manufacturers modify the formula to suit different skin types (Identify your Skin Type) - those for dry skins remove less oil from the skin, and may even add some, whilst cleansers for oily skins are designed to remove more oil and add none to the skin.

It is also possible to clean your face equally efficiently with baby oil, liquid paraffin or vegetable oils. All of these remove makeup and dirt. But they are not pleasant smelling. A cotton-pad dipped in fresh milk is a cheap but equally effective cleanser. If you do use any of these, and especially if you have an oily skin, it is necessary to Wash the residue off with soap and water and to dab your face well with an astringent.

Face Cleansing Creams

Which cleansing cream you should use depends on your skin type and also on whether you want to use ready made face cleansers or you want to use home-made face cleansers. From the market you can purchase a face cleanser suited to your skin type; for instance if you have a dry skin, you must choose an: oil-based face cleansing lotion. For those of you, who favour natural products, I have found fresh milk a very effective skin cleanser.

Pour a small quantity of cleansing cream onto a cotton ball. Cleanse the lips and then the area around the eyes: begin gently with the eyelashes and then clean the lids, starting on the upper lid near the nose, work outwards with a circular movement and come back towards the nose under the eye.

Using another cotton ball, dipped in the face cleanser, clean the neck and the face. At first, it all seems rather complex, but after a couple of times you will master the steps involved in face cleansing and then the whole process of face cleansing will become automatic. It will then not take more than a couple of minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water.


1/2 tablespoon bees-wax
1 tablespoon emulsifying wax
4 tablespoons baby oil
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons water
1/4 teaspoon borax (Boric powder)
1 tablespoon raw milk and a few drops of perfume.

Process of making Cleansing Cream: Take bees-wax, emulsifying wax, baby oil and coconut oil in a small china bowl and melt it on a medium heat. Heat water and boric powder in another bowl and mix it well. Add raw milk to it. Now remove both the bowls from the flame, mix the contents together and keep stirring till it gets cold. At the time of stirring add a few drops of scent to it. The resultant thick paste is ready for use as a cream.



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