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Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted facial hair, particularly on face, should be a matter of great concern to a woman. There can be many reasons for this unwanted facial hair growth like
congenital cause, imbalance of hormones, pregnancy, irregular menses, mental tensions, long illness, worries and shocks. One should immediately cure oneself of unwanted hair when they start growing, instead of just feeling shy and embarrassed. In the medical terminology growing of unwanted facial hair is called 'hirsutism'. These unwanted facial hair grow mostly on the chin, above upper lip and on the forehead. Most of the women suffering from hirsutism are in the age group of fifteen to twenty­
five. There are many ways to get rid of these unwanted facial hair, although, temporarily. For example, threading, waxing, through electrolysis etc. Since the main
reason for the growth of unwanted facial hair is the imbalance of hormones inside the body, it is necessary to get it treated medically. The first step in the medical treatment is a thorough check up of reproductive organs. In case of some defect in the uterus, it is treated by an operation.

Electrolysis is the only permanent treatment for removing unwanted facial hair, but being costly it is beyond the means of middle income group women.

What can be done for Removal Unwanted Facial Hair Cosmetically?

Hairy legs may upset one girl but not cause a shadow of worry in another. How much of the problem you have depends not only on the colour of the hair, but also on your state ofmind. It helps to realise that there are many who have similar problems.

What you can do about it depends on the time and money you want to spend and more importantly by how much the problem is bothering you. If the hirsutism is mild, then camouflaging the hair is the best solution. In moderately severe varieties it may be necessary to remove the hair: this can be done by depilation or epilation. Depilation removes the hair at skin level - sometimes just below skin level. Epilation, on the other hand, removes the full length of hair.



Get Unwanted Facial Hair Removal for a Smooth Skin