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Care of Colored, Permed or Treated Hair:

Types of Hair color:

There are many types of hair colours. Some of these are as:-

  • Temporary Haircolor:- The temporary hair color is deposited on the outside of the hair shaft and remains last up to 1-2 shampoos.
  • Semi-Temporary Haircolor:- These haircolor, usually contain no ammonia and it lasts up to 4-6 shampoos.
  • Demi Permanent Haircolor:- This type of haircolor, usually contains little or no ammonia and utilize a low peroxide developer. It will remains up to 6 weeks and gradually faded to the normal colour of the hairs.
  • Semi-Permanent Haircolor:- This type of hair color, usually contains some ammonia and uses a developer of 10-20 vol.

Care for colored hair:-

Some tips to keep your hair looking great:-

  • Always try to use a shampoo that is especially made for color-treated hair. These includes:- Revlon, L'oreal, Aveda and Clairol.
  • Try to protects your hair from the sun rays by wearing hats, otherwise your haircolor will be faded very easily.
  • Before, getting into a chlorine pool, rinse your hairs. The chlorine makes your hairs to look very dull and may create an itching problem.
  • Conditions your hairs on the bases of daily.

Care for Permed hair:-

The valuable tips are as:-

  • Shampoo gently with a shampoo specially created for permed hair. Aggressive shampoos or scrubbing can cause early relaxation.
  • Don't use curling irons and electric curlers on a daily basis.
  • Do not wrap in a towel turban when you get out of the shower with wet hair.
  • Avoid to do brush on your hairs when they are wet.
  • Use extreme care when styling.
  • Avoid aggressive manipulation of the hair.
  • Mist with a perm rejuvenator to add essential moisture, shine and manageability while helping to define the curl.
  • Wash your hairs on the regular basis.
  • A drop of silicone serum can help smooth down the hair cuticle and add a bit of shine. Only use small quantities to prevent build-up.