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Temporary Hair Colors

The temporary color, merely sit on the surface of the hair and are washed out with the next shampoo. Some important temporary colors are as: cationic colors and anionic colors.

Temporary Hair Colorants, are usually appear on the shelf as coloring shampoos, conditioners, rinses and different styling aids. They are designed to give a temporary color lasting between 1 and 3 washes. The temporary colors are the basic colors, having significant characteristics of coloring the hair in a short contact time using a neutral pH.

If your hair's never been colored before, try a temporary hair dye to see what you think. They're a good way to try out different shades and because the dyes only last for a few washes, you don't have to worry about being stuck with a color you weren't expecting.

Temporary hair colors are applied in the form of rinses, gels, mousses and sprays. Temporary hair color are deposited on the outside of the hair shaft. The temporary hair colors are usually used for party purposes and can be easily washed off by shampooing your hair. The collogue rinses are good for toning hairs, but do not last long. It is available as creams, gels or shampoos in the color. The oxidizing agent or developer that comes with it is usually hydrogen peroxide and works as a catalyst to the oxidation chemical reaction that alters the color of the hair permanently.

The concentration of temporary hair colors are larger and doesn't penetrate in the hair shaft. The temporary hair colors can be removed by shampooing of the hair. The temporary color only makes physical change, not chemically damage the hairs.

Temporary hair colors come in many different products:

  • The color rinses can be used as a temporary hair colors. You can apply it weekly to shampooed hairs.
  • There are varieties of temporary hair products that comes in gels, like coloured mousses gels. It is used for dramatic effects.
  • Spray-on haircolor that's easy to apply, which is used for special effects.

The temporary haircolors may deposit acidic dyes onto the outside of the hair shaft or may consist of small pigment molecules that can slip inside the hair shaft, using a small amount of peroxide or none at all.


  • The temporary hair colors, are easy to use that they're practically fool proof, and ever so natural-looking.
  • Before the coloring of your hairs, take deep conditioning.
  • Wait two days after shampooing before coloring.



Temporary Hair Colors