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Hair Removal - Tips for Different Types of Hair Removal Techniques

Hair removal, is the process of removing the unwanted hairs temporary or permanently, according to the requirements of the individual. There are many options to hair removal. It depends on your scalp, that which method will remain effective for you.

The effective methods for hair removal from your body may includes: waxing, shaving, threading, abrasives, through laser technique etc. The desire to remove excess or dark hair usually begins in adolescence and seems to continue until the day we die.

There are many options available to remove unwanted hair, but few options to get rid of hair permanently. Each person should chose a method or combination of methods that works best for them depending on cost, time available, skin type, and the desired hair-free area.

Each hair is contained in a pilosebaceous unit , which consists of a hair shaft, hair follicle , sebaceous gland, and erector pili muscle. Hair growth and shedding is a continuous cycle through 3 phases i.e. anagen phase, the catagen phase and the telogen phase. Hair in the anagen phase is more susceptible to injury than hair in the telogen phase. All of these factors must be considered when choosing a method of hair removal.

There are two methods of hair removal i.e. Temporary and permanent. People have been removing unwanted hair for thousands of years. Like clothing, the fashions for hair removal have come and gone over the centuries.

Hair Removal Tips for Different Techniques:

The possible hair removal tips are as:-

  • Bleaching: This is especially useful for areas that already have thin but dark and therefore noticeable hair like the arms, face, or neck. Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical to the desired area, which removes the pigment from the hair.
  • Shaving: Wash your face gently with the lukewarm water and use the shaving gels and lotions that keep your hair erect and helps in reducing the friction. Do not share your razor or shaver with anyone else to avoid skin infections. The shaving method is easy to do and painless.
  • Waxing: It is the best method in the removal of unwanted hairs from the scalp of the body. Before applying the wax, heat it carefully. The main disadvantage of using waxing for the purpose of hair removal is that, it may create an infection for hair follicles.
  • Sugaring: The effects of sugaring is same as of waxing. The advantage of sugaring the hairs is that, it causing less skin irritation. The sugar tends to stick only to the hairs, not to the skin and thus causing less discomfort.


When having your brows waxed at a salon, consider these tips:

  • Avoid using Alpha Hydroxy skin care products for at least a week before having brows done.
  • Skip waxing if you have sensitive skin.
  • Use natural light whenever possible.



Hair Removal