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Hair Drying and Brushing Tips

The two important factors that help in taking care of your hair are hair drying and the brushes. You need to choose a good hair brush and dryer for the maintenance of your hair. A very few people know that the use of improper brushes and dryers can break or damage the hair. A good hair dryer and brush can make your hair easy to maintain.

Hair Dryers:

There are a number of hair dryers available in market but the important thing is to select a right one. It must be kept in mind that the hair dryer you are buying must be able to solve the purpose. You need a hair dryer with adjustable temperature knobs or in other words the hair dryer which can automatically adjust temperature of air while drying.

Temperature control is mandatory in hair drying process. You cannot use a hair dryer soon after the shower. You are advised to use a towel in the form of a turban so that moisture can be easily absorbed by it. After moisture has been absorbed take a dryer and adjust the air temperature to warm. When the hair becomes partially dried then adjust air temperature of the dryer at cool. It is recommended to maintain a fifteen to twenty centimeter distance between dryer and the hair tip as hair is a very sensitive body part and is more prone to damage when wet.

The hair dryers and brushes are used to make different kind of hair styles. With the help of a dryer and brush you can try various hair styles. After clipping of your hair and then giving a warm blow of air using a hair dryer will give rise to curly hair. With the help of a dryer and a brush you can also make curls so that when wind blows the strands of hair falls on the face. It looks very stylish. You can also use a dryer on wet hair and then roll the brush on it. You will attain a wavy look by this.