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Home :: Hair Care :: Facts and Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Care

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Care

Let us help you with your most common haircare questions.

Q: I'm convinced i'm losing my hair. How much fall out is too much?

A: The average person loses 100 hairs a day, so anything less than that really isn't a problem fall out tends to be greater in october and november, as this is when the hair reaches maturity in its growth cycle. In fact, you should only really be concerned about the amount of hair you are losing if you can see your scalp through your hair. If this happens see a trichologist (an expert in hair problems)many things can cause hair loss, from poor nutrition to overly tight ponytails, and a trichologls will be able to help diagnose and offer any appropriate treatment.

Q: Can my hair get used to its shampoo, making it less effective?

A: No, it's not true that if you use the same products regularly they become less effective. If you like a shampoo and it's right for your hair, stick with it.the only reason to change would be if your hair type changes, which can happen with age, if you chemically treat your hair, or when the seasons change heat makes hair get oilier, whereas cold dries it out.

Q: Is it a myth that you should brush your hair 100 times a day?

A: Yes. This can actually damage the root and tear the hair shaft. Just brush two or three times to get the tangles out start at the ends of the hair, holding the strands about up to prevent tugging at the work out any knots carefully to prevent splitting.

Q: I have spit ends can i mend them?

A: This one's a common question and a quick one to answer no. Nothing can mend a split end, though serums will temporarily seal them, making your hair look less bitty. The only way to treat a split end is to snip it off and you should do it before it splits up the hair shaft, damaging your hair further.

Q: How can i tell if i have dandruff?

A: Dandruff occurs when a bacteria causes skin cells to clump on the scalp these are usually white or grey in appearance and fiake off easily. The problem is that this is easily confused with two other conditions. Let's deal with the easy one first. Dandruff is not greasy if the scalp and scales are greasy you've another problem called seborrhoeic dermatitis, which should be treated with cortisone creams. The other problem is a dry scalp, Which is harder to distinguish from dandruff.this is normally caused by shampoos that are too harsh, so the best way to find out if it's dandruff or a dry scalp is to switch to a gentle shampoo and some intensive conditioning.if things don't get better after three or four washes. It's dandruff and you should treat it with a specialist shampoo.

Q: Can i perm and colour my hair at the same time?

A: Not at home. The chemicals can easily interact and lead to breaking.a professional hairdresser can do both, so ask their advice about what should be done when. Tell your hairdresser everything you've used on your hair any chemical could upset the process and cause damage. The thing most people forget is henna, which, despite it's natural image, often contains chemicals.

Q: I coloured my hair and it's snapped. Now what?

A: Well, nothing will repair the hair you just need to make it look better you can do this by having the most damaged areas cut by a good hairdresser and by flooding the rest with moisture via intensive conditioning treatments .other than that You'll just have to wait four healthier hair to grow back in its place. You can speed growth by massaging the scalp daily - particularly with products containing menthol, which stimulates blood flow to the scalp.