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Tips to Remember Before Coloring Your hair

Before you start coloring your hair remember the following tips

•  First of all look for a standard hair coloring product of any reputed company. Look also for the ingredient it contains. If your skin is allergy prone to any particular ingredient then do not purchase the coloring product that contains this ingredient. Properly follow the instructions written on package.

•  Conduct a test of the coloring product on your skin before using it to check whether your body is allergic to any kind of ingredient the coloring product contains

•  Before coloring your hair, tie a piece of cloth around your neck so that color does not fall on the skin because it can cause irritation and other skin problems. Always use an old piece of cloth or towel because the coloring product can destroy the color of towel.

•  Always choose a hair color which is lighter than your original hair color. It is recommended so because if you not achieve desired results you have the possibility to color your hair with a darker shade.

•  It is advised not to comb the hair before coloring. Allow the hair to fall naturally. In this way you can highlight some portion of your head.

•  Pay proper attention towards the amount of color you are using. If by mistake you have taken more amount of color in water then soak it with the help of application tool provided in kit.

•  Always keep cotton with you to avoid any color bleed.

•  If possible then color your hair in the presence of someone so that if you need any sudden help during coloring you will get it.

•  Always make a planning strategy before coloring your hair. Always mark the hair sections with bobby pins and roller clips which you want to paint. Make an optimum distance between the clips and the pins for better results.

•  If you are a beginner then ask how to color your hair from any experienced person or a professional hair stylist.

•  Make some thin sections in your head before coloring your hair so that the color can be evenly distributed on hair.