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White Spots

White Spots - Information

White Spots Occurring on The Skin

People are usually unhappy to discover rounded white patches on their skin. This disorder, known medically as pityriasis alba, is characterized by the temporary loss of skin pigmentation. These non-contagious white patches usually occur on the face, neck, upper trunk and extremities. While the exact cause is unknown, most cases appear following sun exposure and may represents a mild form of atopic or allergic dermatitis. Pityriasis alba is often confused with ringworm.

The condition can sometimes last two to three years. Topical hydrocortisone is sometimes effective in providing some cosmetic relief. Since dry skin also contributes to the condition, the concerned person should be instructed not to over wash the area and use moisturizers to lessen dryness and scaling. Be reassured that the condition is not serious and will go away on its own.

White Spots on the Nails

If you have white spots appearing on your nails, they are more than likely, the result of a trauma to the nail and are very common. Occasionally they may indicate a zinc deficiency or in some cases they can also indicate liver or kidney disease. In most cases, you simply injured the nail and it will disappear as the nail grows out.



White Spots