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Razors - Different Types of Razors

You have the choices of shaving with electric razor or blade razor. Stainless steel razors do not need a special treatment but all razors should be washed with clean water after use and then carefully dried. If you do not intend to use the razor for a long time, it is recommended to lightly oil it.

Types of Razors:-

There are actually two types of razors.

  • Blade Razor.
  • Electric Razor.

Types of Blade Razors:-

Straight Edge: This is primarily used by barbers.
Loose Double Edge Razors: It is used, traditionally for home shaving.
Disposable Razors: It is comfortable and easy to use.

Types of Electric Razors:

The Foil Head: This has a thin flexible screen over the cutting head which moves back and forth

The Rotary Head: This has spring mounted guards over the cutters. The rotary head razor is less common.

Tips for Electric Razor or Clipper Shaving :-

  • Shave daily to avoid giving the hair a chance to re-curl.

  • Sterilize razor heads with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic solution to prevent the bacterial growth over the face.

  • Shaver's Choice Foaming Gel combines lanolin and oils with an exclusive hair strengthening ingredients for a smooth shave with no rinsing.

  • Carefully Shave.

  • Rinse with cool tap water. This helps to stop any bleeding and reduces the pain of small nicks and irritation.