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Razor Bumps - Tips for Preventing Them

Razor Bumps are best prevented in the following steps:-

  • Razor bumps can be prevented by simply applying cleanshave aftercare balm. This will protect the skin from ingrowing hairs.
  • Hold the razor at an angle of approx 30 degrees, firstly shave down with the razor and then up. If you hold the razor too flat, it will tear the stubble, too steep it will cut the skin.
  • By using a single blade razor in the direction of hair growth gives the cosy shave and thus prevents razor bumps.
  • Avoid electric rotary razors , which cut the hairs at multiple angles and directions, and can aggrevate the razor bump problem.
  • When you have finished shaving carefully rinse all residue to soap off the razor and wipe the blade dry with a soft cloth, carefully, to avoid cutting yourself.
  • Do not keep the razor in the bathroom or near any humidity as this will cause the blade to rust.
  • Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and clean the entire surface of the blade, then grease with mineral oil and store.



Razor Bumps