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Nail Care - Some Tips and Advice

Nails are part of the skin, which are made up of same proteins as the outer layer of the skin i.e. keratin. The difference is that, the keratin protein of nails are much harder and tougher. Nails protects the ends of the fingers and toes. The colour of the nails are indicators of good health or sickness.

Manicuring is the process of care to the hands and nails. Psoriasis is a hereditary disorder which most commonly affects the skin on the elbows, knees, face, and even the scalp. Psoriasis may appear as pits in the finger nails. Healthy nails are transparent and look a little rosy because of the blood underneath. Infection of the heart valve may produce red streaks in the nail bed.

The squamous cell carcinoma, is a nail tumour, that is mainly caused by infection with human papillomavirus. Onychomycosis, is a fungal nail infection, which is caused by dermatophytes. The infection starts at front of nails and may extend to the whole structure.

The kidney disease, liver disease are the internal diseases that are very much responsible in causing the infection of the nails. Thyroid disease i.e. hyperthyrodism or hypothyrodism may produce brittle nails.

Nail Care Tips:

The possible tips for the nail care are as:-

  • Always keep the nail polish in the refrigerator to make it last longer.
  • Nail polish thinner can be introduce to make thin nails.
  • Try this remedy: Take a half lemon water, dip your fingertips to clean the cuticles and nails.
  • Avoid the daily use of nail polish and allow nails to breathe.
  • Never bite your nails, otherwise it may lead to infection and can harm to any organ of the body.
  • Cuticles should remain moisturized with Vaseline or a moisturizer such as Moisturel or Aquaphor.
  • A good time to do your manicure is after a shower, bath or diet. These activities will remove dirt from under the nails as well as soften dry nails.
  • Strong cuticle growth can be controlled with a cuticle softener or cuticle remover liquid.
  • Avoid the excess use of nail polish remover, especiallly those containing acetone, because they makes nails to get dry and dry nails crack and split very easily.
  • Apply a top coat almost daily to help protect the tips.