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Luscious Lips - Some Great Tips for Caring Them

Lips are covered with mucous membrane, which is a thinner and more delicate type of skin. These are one of the best facial indicators of a person's true age. Lips have only three to five layers of skin cells compared to 15 over rest of the body. So, protect your lips against environmental factors by applying moisturizers and sunscreen.

Luscious Lips is a "lip plumper" which needs to be used for only a few seconds each day. Once the lips are "plumped" they will stay that way for hours. Since our lips contain no sebaceous glands, they can't moisturize themselves, and the small amount of saliva that reaches our lips via tongue is not sufficient to prevent our lips from becoming dehydrated. So, making your lips soft and moist, try to drink a lot of water.

Tips for Caring of Lips:

The possible ways by which you can take care of lips are as:-

  • Apply a bit of cocoa butter for moisturing your lips. It's colorless and not too shiny.
  • Stop smoking, otherwise it may lead to lip cancer.
  • Avoid over-exposure to the sun, which can dry your lips.
  • Brush your lips gently, this will exfoliate and take away chapping or dryness of lips.
  • Make a routine to drink lots of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.
  • Honey will act as humectant and keeping your lips soft and plump.
  • A mixture of vitamin E with vegetable glycerin, makes an effective, nourishing moisture barrier.
  • Apply cold cream or lip balm before applying lipstick.
  • Apply rose petals on lips to get smmoth pink lips.

Lip Disorders:-

Lip disorders may occur, by not caring about your lips. Some of the lip disorders may occur as:-

  • Traumatic lesions or ulcers: This disorder may result from local injuries, including accidents or biting your lip, when it comes in between the teeths. Habitual lip 'chewing' can perpetuate benign, traumatic lip lesions, and chronic licking or sucking on the lips.
  • Yeast infections: The yeast infections of the lips may come through dryness of the mouth. Dryness can be caused by a number of medications, and can result in an upset in the delicate microbial balance inside the mouth.