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Lips Care Equipment Kit

Creating perfect lips takes the right equipment - here's what you'll need.

Lip Balm

Moisturizing product that helps prevent dryness. The best contain sunscreen, the worst contain camphor or menthol, which dry out the lips.


Perfect for removing dry or fiaky skin from the lips gently.

Lip Liner

Used to create a perfect lip. Outline and help lipstick last longer. For the best results, warm in the palm of your hand before you use it.

Lip Brush

The only way to apply lipstick like a pro. The perfect lip brush is thin and fiat with a slightly pointed tip and long handle.

Lip Gloss

Clear or coloured, this offers sheer, shiny coverage. Use it alone or on top of matt shades to give them shine.

Frosted Lipstick

Shimmery and iridescent, this is perfect for evening looks. It should really be avoided on mature skins as it can highlight wrinkles and liplines.

Matt Lipstick

Creates an intense, solid colour, but as it has little shine it will also contain few moisturizing ingredients. Always apply lip balm before you use it.

Satin Lipstick

More coloured and less sticky than gloss, it still offers a shiny finish. It is more moisturizing than matt lipstick, but will need more frequent application.

Lip Pencils

Softer and chubbier than lip liners, these are perfect for creating quick definition. They do have a tendency to dry the lips, however, so it's best to stick to neutral or shimmery shades - dark shades show up flaking more.

Lip Stain

Normally liquid, it offers sheer but exceptionally long-lasting coverage. Don't use liner with it, just apply straight to the lips.

Lip Sealant

Good for setting very bright, matt colours, but be careful - it contains lots of chemicals, which makes it unsuitable for sensitive skins. It can also be drying.