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Hand And Foot Care Equipment kit

Looking after your hands and feet takes the right equipment - here's what you'll need.

Emery Board

The best way to shape nails - the rough side is for shortening the nail, the smooth for final shaping and smoothing.

Orange And Hoof Sticks

Orange sticks are used with a little cotton wool on the end to push back cuticles. Hoof sticks are similar, but harder to use.

Cuticle Cream Or Oil

Softens cuticles, helping keep them neat and less prone to hangnails. Used regularly, it will also help nails grow through more healthily.

Cuticle Remover

Used to gently whittle away excess cuticle skin.

Nail Clippers

The best way to cut toenails and fingernails. Cut straight across.

Cuticle Clippers

Only to be used to treat hangnails, as cutting the main cuticles can lead to infection in the nail bed.

Nail Oils

Help hydrate and strengthen nails - look for those with almond oil, or try oil of elemi for ultimate strengthening.

Nail Polish Remover

Should be acetone-free to prevent nails from drying.

Base Coat

Protects from dehydration and also staining with bright or dark polishes.

Top Coat

Used over nail polish to help prolong the life of a manicure or pedicure.

Nail Polish

Not only does nail polish help add to your look, it also protects the nails from breaking or bending.

Stick-On False Nails

Simple way to glam up your hands. They last one night.

Salon False Nails

Made of hardened gel, these are painted on in the salon and last for weeks, until they are soaked off.

Pumice Stone

For small areas of dry skin, a pumice stone used before bathing will help soften things up.

Foot File

Similar to a pumice, it offers a slightly harsher scrubbing action and is suitable for drier skin.


This little electrical tool is the only way to get rid of very dry or hard skin on the feet.

Hand Cream

Use it every time you get your hands wet to help keep them hydrated and strengthen nails.

Foot Cream

Needs to be thick and moisturizing to hydrate the very dry skin on the feet. Creams containing an ingredient called urea are best.

Toe Separators

Help prevent polish smudging from nail to nail.