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Frequently Asked Questions on Lips Care

Let us help you with your most common lipcare questions.

Q: My lips are always cracked and dry. What should i do?

A: You can either remove dry skin from your lips using a toothbrush, or you can use the edge of a damp flannel. Afterwards apply plenty of lip balm. Before you start to slick, however, check your brand doesn't contain camphor or methol, as this will make your problem worse with every application. Choose brands without either ingredient and with an SPF of at least 15 - lips are highly prone to sunburn.

Q: My lips are great but i get cold sores. What can i do?

A: Cold sores can be stopped in their tracks with over-the-counter treatments containing an active ingredient called aciclovir. The trick to it is to apply the treatment as soon as you feel that first tell-tale tingle. To help reduce attacks, wear an SPF lip balm. The cold sore virus is often triggered by sun exposure.

Q: I get cracks at the corners of my lips. Why does this happen?

A: The most common cause of this is vitamin B defiCiency. Eat more wholegrain foods, eggs, red meat and also leafy green vegetables.

Q: I always get lipstick on my teeth. How do i prevent this?

A: The model's tip is to apply your lipstick as normal, then pop your finger in your mouth. Close your lips round it and pull your finger out. It'll take excess lipstick from the edge of your lips with it.

Q: How do i stop my lipstick from 'bleeding'?

A: This occurs when tiny lines start to form around the edge of the lips .It's very common in smokers. You can prevent it by always lining your lips when you wear lipstick. Glossy lipsticks are more prone to bleeding than matt or long-lasting colours, so switch to these. What's more, reds will bleed more than browns or pinks, as the way they are manufactured makes them naturally more prone to melting.

Q: Why does my lipstick look great when i try it in the shop and dreadful when i get it home?

A: Don't try it on the back of your hand, which is normally a different colour from your face and also a different texture. Obviously hygiene means testing lipsticks on your lips is a no go, but your fingertips are closer in colour and texture, so try testing here instead.