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Eye Care and Best exercises for Enhancing Beauty of your Eyes

Eyes occupy the most prominent place among the five sensory organs of our body, so we should care for it. Large and beautiful eyes enhance ones beauty to a large extent. There are two kinds of beautiful eyes. One is related to the general health of a person and the second is related to makeup. Healthy eyes and eye care are directly related to general health.

Loss of vitamins 'A' and 'D' make eyesight weak. Sometimes weak eyes are hereditary. Never hesitate to use spectacles in case of weak eyesight. Spectacles with a beautiful frame that matches with the face goes a long way in enhancing beauty of a person, rather than diminishing it. If loss of vitamins 'A' and 'D' is the cause of poor eyesight then apart from medical treatment you should take milk, cheese, eggs and green vegetables as these contain vitamins A and D. For specific illness of eyes, like conjunctivitis or watery eyes, you should consult an ophthalmologist (eye specialist).

Some Precautions for Making Eyes Beautiful

Certain precautions must be taken to keep the eyes healthy and beautiful.

* You must see that there is sufficient light while reading, writing or sewing.
* You must wash your eyes with eye wash once or twice a week.
* Rose water or water of triphala is very beneficial to the eyes. It brings back the brightness. Even boric powder can be used for washing eyes.
* Too bright light is also harmful. You must use sun glasses (goggles) whenever you have to go out in strong sunshine.
* After a hard day lie down, close your eyes and place on them cotton wool swabs soaked in ice-cold water.

There is one more way to revitalize tired eyes. Placing your elbows on the table, close your eyes with your palms. Allow the weight of your head to fall on the palm.

Treating Drooping Eyes

Your eyes require about eight hours of rest during a day, otherwise they feel drooping (or heavy). Smoking makes eyes yellowish. Eyes become red if proper rest is not given to them. For treating drooping eyes, lie down on the bed and place a piece of cucumber (cut in round shape) on both eyes. But before this, all the makeup on the eyes must be removed. Eyes require rest during day also, apart from the night. Whenever your eyes feel tired, close them and place your palms on them. You will see darkness and some hazy blurred figures. Open your eyes for some time and again place palms on them. After repeating this process many times, you will find that the figures have vanished and only the darkness remain.

Treating Dark Circles

Lack of sleep results in dark circles below eyes and some times the skin becomes flabby. For this, crush a cucumber, wrap it in a thin, transparent cloth and place on the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Doing this twice a week will be beneficial.

Treating Wrinkles and Dark Patches & Spots around Eyes

The skin around eyes is very soft and sensitive. Do not rub your eyes if there is irritation or burning. Do not rub cream, etc. on this surface otherwise the skin will shrink and wrinkles will appear on it. Apart from wrinkles, many times dark patches appear below the eyes. When there are folds and creases below the eyes, they have to be treated by surgery. 'Anti-wrinkles cream' may also be used. To avoid wrinkles or dark spots below eyes, you should use almond oil. For this you can use a homemade method. Boil and filter tea-leaves, soak a cotton swab in it and apply it on the area around the eyes. Do it everyday.


* Flickering of eyelashes is an automatic exercise. Close your eyes tightly. Then try to open them as wide as possible. Repeat the process ten times. During the exercise only flicker the eyelashes, the eyebrows should be kept static.

* Eyeballs should be rotated twenty times to the left and twenty times to the right. Eyelids must remain closed during the rotation.

* Flicker both your eyes simultaneously and speedily. Repeat the flickering after closing the eyes for some time. Repeat this process ten times. Eyeballs get greasy by doing this exercise.

* Look into the mirror for five minutes meeting your eyes with the eyes of your reflection in the mirror.

* Mark some far-away object. Look at it for two minutes. Then look at some object closer to you. Again look at the far off object and again look at the nearer object after two minutes. Do this exercise for ten minutes.

* Slowly raise your eyes skywards. Keep them stationary for about thirty seconds: Then again lower them until you can see your feet. Repeat the exercise fifteen times.

* Take clean, cold water in a broad bowl. Put a little eye lotion in it. Bend and immerse your eyes in it. Then rotate your eyeballs towards right-left and above and below. Keep flickering the eye lashes while rotating the eye balls. Initially, you will find this exercise difficult to perform. However, regular practice will make it easy. By this exercise dust particles get washed off.



Eye Care and Some Good Exericses for the Enhancement of your Beautiful Eyes