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Try out Lenses and give yourself a new look!

Have you been on the look-out for a new pair of glasses for a while, but can’t settle with any model you try? Maybe you should lenses for a change? Lenses are cheap, they are super-easy to handle and need very little care, and they are extremely comfortable. And lenses give you a whole new appearance, compared to your glasses!

Using both glasses AND lenses (although not simultaneously…) gives you more choices before you go out and the option to easily change your look very quickly. To further increase the number of looks you can create, you can also try color contact lenses! With these lenses you can go from emerald green eyes to the deepest brown, or switch from hazel to light blue in a matter of seconds.
Combining lenses and glasses also make you life easier in many ways. You can wear lenses while doing aerobics or yoga, and use your glasses at night while reading the last chapter of that book, before turning off the light. You can wear glasses while in class, and lenses at night; constantly changing the way you look. And you shouldn’t worry about the cost; there are plenty of cheap lenses out on the market!