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Caring of Feet - Tips on How to Make it Smooth

Foot care is very important for person, who have loss the feeling in feet and changes in shape of feet.

The possible ways of keeping your feet smooth are given below:-

  • The abnormalities in feet are greatly related with blood sugar level. So, it must be as close to normal as possible.
  • Massage your feet with a nourishing cream by cupping your hands  oneither side of your foot and using your thumbs, firmly pressing the upper part of your foot while pushing your thumbs outwards.
  • Avoid the smoke, because it may cause abnormalitis to your blood sugar level, which inturn may cause foot problem.
  • Wash your feet with lukewarm water, with antiseptic soap.
  • Rub a thin coat of skin lotion over the tops and bottoms of your feet, but not between your toes.
  • Wipe off excess grease of your nails and place cotton wool tufts between your toes to keep them separate.
  • Don't wear shoes without socks.
  • Don't use talcum powder in excess around the feet.
  • Before wearing shoes, dry your feet completely, especially between the toes.
  • Massage feet & ankle regularly.
  • Remove the rough skin around the foot area. Otherwise it may lead to irritation.
  • Apply antiseptic cream to protect your feet from hot and cold condition.
  • Regularly cut your toenails, otherwise they increases the chances of spreading infections of yeast.
  • Treat foot lesions immediately.
  • Do the foot exercise daily, by go bare feet on the grass in your garden for the 15 min.
  • Blood circulation to the feet should be high. For this, try to put a pillow or other thing to make the level of your feet higher than you body.
  • Don't wear tight socks. Socks must be comfortable to your feet.