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Best Beauty Tips for Free

Beauty Tip 1 : For subtly sparkly cheeks, swipe a thin layer of shiny powdered pink eye shadow over your powder blush. (Don't try this with gel/cream blush or it will come out streaky).

Beauty Tip 2 : Wash off your make­up before retiring to bed otherwise the panicles will clog your skin-pores preventing the skin from inhaling fresh air.

Beauty Tip 3 : Carry a small powder compact with you during the day for shine emergencies, to touch up on your makeup and to extract yourself from boring party conversations.

Beauty Tip 3 : Use foundation only on clean skin. Do not try to give a 'touch' to a stale make-up with foundation.

Beauty Tip 4 : If you have dry skin, choose a lanolin mixed foundation cream.

Beauty Tip 5 : If you have a small mouth, draw outer outline with dark shade lipstick and fill in light shade lipstick with a lip liner.

Beauty Tip 6 : If you have a broad mouth, use light shade lipstick.

Beauty Tip 7 : Use a lip brush or your pinky finger to blend lipstick and lip liner together. You should not be able to pinpoint where the two connect. Blending will also help keep the colour on your lips last longer.

Beauty Tip 8 : Hair begins to look shaggy and uneven about a month after a haircut, so regular visits to the hairdresser or barber are a necessary part of good basic hair care.



Smart Beauty Tips for Free