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Do's and Don't for Acne

1. In youth, an oily skin should be cleaned frequently so that the oily secretion called sebum coming out of the sebaceous glands does not thicken and clog the pores. Acne bacteria breeds fast in greasy spots. Acne can be prevented by frequent cleanliness.

2. Do not scratch pimples with nails even if pimples are itchy. Scratching may give temporary relief but it may leave permanent marks because nails, howsoever clean, contain bacteria and cause infection. It is advisable to use a clean cotton wool swab soaked in hot water to clean pimples.

3. Shampoo your hair frequently. Sebaceous glands underneath the hair secrete grease which spreads on the face and give rise to acne. Moreover, long hair touch the face,
forehead and neck. If they are clean, the chances of spreading their grease are less.

4. Avoid greasy, spicy, fried foods. Also minimize the use of sweets, butter, ice-cream and chocolate. Take a balanced diet.

5. A sound sleep, morning walk, regular exercises and good bowel movement are other
helping agents. Avoid constipation, it gives rise to pimples.

6. If affected with acne, avoid a heavy make-up. Only a light make-up is advisable. If at all you have to have a make-up, remove it as soon as you can.

7. Different types of medicines are available for acne treatment. Anti-biotics, x -rays and ultraviolet rays are effective methods. But, treatment should be undertaken under medical advice.

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