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Acne soap

The important factor in controlling and regulating acne is proper cleansing of the skin. This helps in removal of dead skin cells, bacteria and excess sebum from the acne prone skin. However it must be seen that excess washing and exfoliating of skin may cause more harm relief. Washing acne prone skin twice a day is what works the best. It is essential to use mild soap that doesn't irritate the skin. An acne cleanser soap must repeal dirt, oil and microorganisms on skin surface so that they can be easily removed. Acne soap must also dry and remove skin blemishes. An ideal soap must include benzoyl peroxide, antibacterial, anti-comedonal, and exfoliative properties. Examples of such wash are Brevoxyl-8 Creamy Wash , Triaz-6 Wash, and Zoderm Wash. Another type is Lipid-free cleanser like Cetaphil and Moisturel that can successfully remove traces of cosmetics and environmental dirt. Acne prone people must select soaps after careful evaluation of soaps available in market. Another important consideration for soap selection is skin type. Below is given a brief description of various types of soaps

Alabu Handmade Soap: It i s a handmade soap which is made up of 100 percent fresh farm goat milk, food grade Olive, Coconut, Soybean and Castor Oils, Cocoa Butter, and Sodium Hydroxide with no artificial colors or preservatives. This soap helps in reducing acne and makes the skin moisturized and gentle.

All Natural Acne Soap : It is a mild soap developed especially to treat acne by using natural minerals carefully extracted from dead sea water and mud. Another important ingredient of the soap is glycerin that dries up acne blemishes on one hand and nourishes skin deeply with dead sea minerals. It has gentle aloe vera extracts that makes the skin smooth. This acne soap effectively removes dirt, bacteria and impurities and hence making the chances of further outbreaks redundant. Its important feature is that it has natural oils that moisturize the skin without leaving increasing oiliness of the skin.

Gentle acne Soap : This is a homemade soap that is made by using the method of water reduction to speed saponification and cure. It can be used after one week of manufacturing. It contains olive oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, French Green Clay, Lavandin Essential Oil and Niaouli Essential Oil.

Sulfo Lo Acne: It contains sulfur, which is an antibiotic and is very effective against acne. It is a deep cleansing, anti-bacterial soap that is very helpful for the treatment and prevention of acne, blackheads and other skin disorder like tinea versicolor. It aids in removal of excess oils and bacteria that cause pores to become plugged and infected.

Rearacil Acne Soap : It is an effective cure against acne. It works to remove existing acne and prevents the skin from creating new acne. This soap works best in elimination of back acne and can be used on the neck and face.

Shea butter Acne Soap: The natural shea butter soap is 100% natural. It aids in drying up of acne and blemishes. It helps skin to heal and prevents further breakout. It does not dry the skin after use. It works best on oily to natural skin and can be used on face, neck and back where blackheads form.