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Acne prevention

The popular saying is prevention is better than cure. This holds true in case of acne also. It is important to prevent the root causes of acne than suffer later on. Making small but valuable changes in the lifestyle can regulate acne outburst. Acne can be taken care by maintaining healthy diet, regular cleansing, paying attention to vitamin intake and drinking plenty of water.

It has been proved scientifically that bad diet does not cause acne. But diet can be regulated to streamline supply of nutrients to the body which helps in better functioning of the system. A natural, fiber rich diet with intake of fruits and vegetables regulates acne outbursts. A well adhered to cleansing regimen plays an important part as well. Cosmetics leave traces on skin, which when combined with environmental pollutants clogs skin pores and makes it prone to acne. Before sleeping, skin must be wiped clean of all dirt, oil and makeup to let it breathe easily and heal naturally. It is important to use oil free products and cosmetics on acne prone skin to control further acne outburst. Alcohol based astringents and cleaners must be avoided. Similarly skin should not be cleaned more than twice daily as this makes skin too dry and acne prone skin produces more oil to cope with the dryness.

It is worthwhile to use mild medicated soap or that made from natural products like goat milk to cleanse acne prone skin. All acne treatments whether topical or oral, take time up to two to three months to show results. There is no overnight immediate solution. So patience must be exercised to get best results. One must remember that acne take time to formulate and initially it will show resistance to treatment. So medicines should be given time to heal difficult acne.

Vitamin supplements play a key role in treatment of acne. Vitamin E, A and B5 along with zinc supplements are vital to control and regulate acne. These nutrients can be taken along with food to check the onset of acne.

Oily hair results in facial oiliness. So it is important to have clean and clear hairs. Similarly acne spots should not be picked or rubbed as this may result in permanent scarring of skin. A skin toner is best guard against pimples .To avoid chest or back acne loose clothing is essential as tight clothing aggravates acne. Acne is also a body reaction to stress. So stressful conditions must be checked. Stress can be released by meditation and yoga.

It must be remembered that best skin care tips must be followed depending upon correct diagnosis of your skin type. There is no full proof program for acne. So a combination of various therapies can be resorted for acne treatment. After the acne has disappeared or healed then topical or oral medications can be stopped but skin care regime and dietary changes must be followed to have supple and soft looking skin forever.