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Acne Photoclearing

Acne is one of the most commonly treated skin disorders worldwide as it affects 80% of global population at some stage in life. Severe outburst of acne can incite emotional distress in young teenagers and adults of all ages. Traditional acne treatment have bordered primarily on topical creams and oral-antibiotics that can have mild to severe side effects and are lengthy treatment regimens. A revolutionary approach for the scientific treatment of acne is acne photo clearing. It is a new innovation and is the first medical treatment that significantly clears inflammatory acne lesions in short span of time that can be as little as four weeks. The treatment dose not have any side effects associated with harsh medications and topical creams. It can be used alone or in combination of other therapies to offer long lasting relief from the problem of acne. It is an advancement over oral therapies like antibiotics that are long drawn for over three months and offer no guarantee of acne reoccurrence. Scarring remains an issue with such therapies.

The ultra violet safe system efficiently uses a high-intensity blue-violet light that targets and destroys precisely surface and ductal propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for 90% of inflamed blemishes. The bacteria destruction rate outpaces the bacteria reproliferation rate, assuring a systematic and rapid decrease in acne. It is truly unmatched by other conventional methods of acne treatment. The new technology operates on an upgraded narrow-band 420nm blue wavelength that converts the porphyrines (P,acne) produced by acne bacteria into a compound. This absolutely destroys the bacteria. Blue light is used as it has been found in research that acne bacteria are ten times more cognizant to 420nm blue light than to any other available light wavelengths. It is important to note that p. acne is holed up in most external or superficial parts of the sebaceous gland duct. Blue light just manages to reach it and eradicate it safely without causing any harm to the skin and other tissues .

The treatment is safe, user friendly, easy in application and shows quick results. It can be taken by any one. However pregnant woman must consult their doctor before submitting to the treatment. The treatment is safe to be applied on all body areas including sensitive beard area. The treatment can be taken without any disruption in normal life of the individual- a very cardinal factor for present day busy adults and youth. The most common areas treated under the system are face, neck, chest and back. It works equally well on all skin colors.

A normal treatment session lasts for 15 to 25 minutes and is often relaxing with no pain what so ever experienced by the patient. Eight sessions spread over four weeks are advised for the best results. It does not have any side effects or photosensivity.

To sum up the virtues of this new technique are manifold and no doubt soon it will become the choicest mode for acne treatment. So be ready to say goodbye to acne and hello to beautiful skin.