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Acne Cleansers : An Introduction and The Most Popular Ones


Acne cleansers are generally used for removing dirt and oil from the skin surface. Use of acne cleansers before applying any cream or gel on affected areas helps in the easy absorption of these products. Overuse of these cleansers results in irritation of skin. It is advised to use acne cleansers two to three times a day.

Acne Cleansers for Different Skin Types

The cleansers must be selected according to different types of skin for their best use.

Oily Skin: It is suggested to use those types of acne cleansers for oily skin which can be washed off easily. Generally liquid cleansers and bar soaps are used for oily skin.

Dry Skin: Generally gentle synthetic detergents and hard milled face soaps are suggested to acne sufferers having dry skin. But one thing should be kept in mind that these cleansers must be used when humidity in atmosphere is less.

Normal Skin: The acne sufferers having normal skin need not to pay more attention while choosing an acne cleanser in comparison with oily and dry skin people. Any type of acne cleansers such as bar soaps, liquid cleansers, cleaning sheets, mild detergents serve best for person having normal type of skin.

Most Popular Acne Cleansers

Following are some acne cleansers that are widely used around the world.

Derma Clear Cleanser: This cleanser can be used on daily bases. If it is applied on skin in same way as directed in package then it can reduce acne within a week. It helps to reduce the breakouts of skin and thereby reducing acne.

Clearasil Stay Clear Acne Defense Cleanser : This cleanser is used by the people suffering from severe acne. The main ingredient of this cleanser is salicylic acid which kills the acne producing germs. It can be used two to three times in a day. Avoid its overuse otherwise it can cause irritation on the skin.

DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser: It is best for person having acne prone skin. The results can be overviewed within a time span of two weeks.