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Acne and Exercise

Acne is an inflammatory disease and acne lesions are commonly caused by hormonal imbalances resulting in pimples, spots or zits. The term acne is derived from Greek word akun and was first referred in the writings of Aeitus Amidenus. The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris.

Though there is no proven direct correlation between exercise and acne but is generally presumed that exercise helps in blood circulation of the skin cells and provide oxygen to the skin cells, which improves skin texture and reduces acne. Sweating during exercise helps in cleaning pores from inside by removing dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum. This will go way in long way promoting skin health and reduce future incidences of acne and curb existing acne. Exercise helps in quicker healing of spots and blackheads. Exercise also assist in rebalancing bodily hormones and reduce stress both of which are harbinger of stress.

It is considered best to change clothes and shower soon after exercise to wash away the sweat where bacteria can grow and cause acne. It is important to use a clean towel to and blot your face and acne prone body parts instead of wiping as that can cause irritation in skin. If prone to body acne, it is summarily best to avoid synthetic clothing like nylon and lycra as these fabrics can trap the heat and moisture against the body stimulating a fertile breeding ground for bacteria that can aggravate acne.

It is generally presumed that fresh air and sunshine have a positive effect on acne as skin can breath freely. Swimming in water helps in skin cleansing form both inside and outside. However it is important to rinse the chlorine soon after. Acne is singularly distinguished to cause havoc to confidence of people. Exercise on the other hand releases endorphins that usually make people happier. Exercise in from of yoga and t'ai chi also relaxes mind, reduces stress and thereby goes along way in acne prevention. While exercising, it is very much essential to use oil free and noncomedogenic sunscreen, moisturizer or any other cosmetic product to avoid pore clogging, as the same will result in rupture of acne. After exercise it is cardinally imperative to drink plenty of water to replenish water lost during exercise while sweating. Water is also necessitous for tripping out the toxins from body. Acne has shown to creep in people who do not have sufficient (8-10 glasses) amount of water daily.

Mini-trampoline is generally held as the best exercise for acne as it is favorable for well being of lymphatic system. The lymph administers the cells with required nutrients and is amenable for disposing and annihilating cell wastes and toxins. If the lymph is improperly activated, the cells overflow with waste and this may result in pore clogging. This may stimulate the growth of bacteria and cause acne.

To conclude it is easily understood how important exercise is for prevention of outburst and minimizing acne. Healthy body imbibes healthy skin and healthy skin is precursor for freedom from acne.