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Acne and Diet

Acne is something that troubles majority of people sometime or other in course of normal life. Acne outbreak can be controlled and prevented by following small changes in lifestyle. Scientifically there has not been found any direct linkage between diet and acne especially no affiliation has been found between sugary and greasy food as the root cause for outburst of acne. Since there has not been found any link with diet causing acne it does not mean that it is not necessary to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet can control and help in elimination of acne. It is nevertheless very important to follow a healthy diet regime for the overall well being of the body and skin. The Journal of American Medical Association has mandated this. According to the journal human skin is the largest organ of the human body and a healthy diet goes in long way for providing nutrients important for maintenance of healthy skin .It is important to drink plenty of water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily flushes out toxins from the body and clears up the system.

Stress has been known to be a common cause of acne occurrence. Vitamin B-2 is known to combat and reduce stress. It can therefore be held that foods like whole grains, fish, eggs, milk, meat and green leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamin B-2 can alleviate stress and can help in keeping acne far away. Zinc supplements in from of eggs and wheat can be added to food as zinc repeals acne outbursts.

If you eat unhealthy food, it will be reflected in your skin and face. It is always beneficial to eat a wide variety of food. It is often held that fish eaten along with vegetables is the best dietary recourse against acne. It is prudent to include herbs in your food to provide nutrients to liver, which is essential for cleansing the body waste. Vitamin B-3 aids in circulation resulting in healthy skin. It reduces cholesterol level from body and maintains metabolism. All this goes a long way in controlling oilyness in skin as excessive oilyness causes acne.

Food allergies are commonly caused by excess sugar, salt, dairy products and certain refined flours. This should be checked and avoided as it might indirectly aid in acne aggravation. By maintaining a diet chart and eliminating foods one by one, food allergies can be figured out and steps taken for their remedy.

Excess intake of sugar and carbohydrates induce high insulin levels resulting in eventual overproduction of male hormones. These hormones lead to excess sebum which when clogs pores can instigate acne. This condition is known as IGF-1.Similarly saturated fats harvest weak immune system, espousing inflammation, which raises skin's oil producing levels. Those prone to acne breakout are going to reap harmful effects of such a situation.

There has been an ongoing debate whether diet causes acne or whether healthy diet helps in suppressing acne and it will continue to go on until something conclusive is proved. However it is essential for an individual to arrive at the optimal diet chart by trial and error. If you find that your acne is not resultant by diet even hen you will benefit from a healthy diet in the from of a supple and glowing skin.