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Acne and Alternative Treatments

Acne is a commonly prevalent bothersome skin condition that can occur at any age marked b y occasional spurt of blackheads, pimples, and pustules on face, neck, upper chest, and/or the back. There is prolonged myth that poor hygiene or diet causes acne. This has been negated by the scientific research. Research show its outbreak is caused by overproduction of sebum, which is lubricant of the skin. The sebum may plug a hair follicle and bacteria growth inside it causes inflammation resulting in outbreak of acne or acne like conditions in form of pimples, boils or cysts. The main aim of acne treatments is to prevent the instances of scarring, minimise painful lesions and lessen the instances of reoccurring.

Acne can be treated by topical medicinal treatments and alterative treatments like ayurveda, acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy. Alternative medicines use natural healing substance as against modern pharmaceutical-based medicine and thereby avoid the side effects of modern drugs.

According to ayurveda, acne is the result of aggravation of Pitt dosha. Herbal acne supplements subsume ingredients that have traditionally been used as beauty tonics to be taken internally to clarify and circunscribe to cleanse a person's skin, like antioxidants for example, which are exemplary guard against skin imperfections such as acne. Tonic herbs such as burdock have been used in acne treatment. Besides tea tree oil is another know herb used for acne treatment. It is said to contain anti-microbial elements that have the healing properties, widely effective in cases of acute inflammation of acne. Scientifically it has been proven that tea tree oil does not result in dryness, burning or itching and stinging of skin, which is a common side effect of allopathic treatment

Evening primrose oil or black currant seed oil eradicates acne completely when taken orally thrice a day in the form of 500mg capsules. Its continuous use for three months often clears up the acne completely. Also effective is a concoction of cleavers tincture and nettle in treatment of acne. Extracts from aloe vera plant contain therapeutic gelatinous properties and their oral application fights acne bacteria and clears up the redness on the skin within few days. Lavender oil works best for preventing further breakout of acne.

Clove oil, with its exfoliating and purifying properties, diluted with grape seed oil is the best treatment for stubborn acne where as rosewood oil shows greater relief for those with oily skin. Rosewood oil hampers the production of acne formatting sebum.

Natural acne treatments are a boon for acne sufferers who want to avoid prescribed medicines and harsh chemicals or rash treatments on their faces. Natural cleansing agents like milk mixed with lemon juice are used to cleanse acne prone skin in cogent manner. Potato is another healer for acute acne. Peeled and exposed insides of potato when rubbed to acne prone area of face exfoliate naturally. Natural moisturizers are great for acne prone skin. Almonds paste mixed with water is good moisturizer that also helps in exfoliation of acne prone skin. Natural cures are inimitable bet for clear and glowing skin.

Following the principal of holistic health- acupuncture, an eastern medical practice is widely used for controlling hormonal imbalances that cause sudden outburst of acne. The treatment involves insertion of thin needles in specific points of body to regulate malign symptoms. Auricular acupuncture, a technique in which needles are applied to the ear, is held effective for treatment of bad acne.

Another alternative medicine treatment in vogue is homeopathy.Homeopathy treatments are administered by homeopathic doctors who prescribe alternative medicines after through study of external and internal causes of acne, emotional and mental well being and lifestyle habits.

Reflexology and acupressure clean pores and reduce acne by enhancing the physical appearance of the skin. Here pressure is applied to energy pathways of human body that promotes skin functionality.

If acne is caused by stress than yoga is the best module to combat stress. Yoga nurtures nutrient production and systemize blood flow in the body advocating overall well being.

It is imperative to understand that one must focus on the overall well beign of body and soul and eradicating bad habits from lifetsyle before retsoring to prescribed medication for the treatment. Over the counter drugs might seem like a great sipmle to use solution for the problem of acne but being healthy is something that has more appeal.